Restaurant Resolution

We don’t get to eat out much any more, since we are still working to get out of debt, but when we do, it is such a treat!  I am always tempted to treat myself to a Coke to drink, an appetizer that promises to fill my tummy while I wait for my entree, and, of course, a tantalizing dessert.

But see, the problem with each of those things is the desire behind them.  The Coke – because I “deserve” it.  The appetizer – because it looks good.  The dessert – probably a combination of “it looks good” and “I deserve it.”  None of those reasons include “it’s necessary for my body to function at its best.”

Since fried foods are a thing of the past, as are Cokes, processed foods, frozen dinners, white breads, pastas, red meats, and poultry, I’ve already made some significant changes to my diet.  What’s one more?  My 2014 restaurant resolution: to order water to drink and salad to eat every time I eat out.

This resolution helps to make progress toward two of my goals this year: to be a better manager of my money, and to eat the foods that will make my body function at its best (AKA: eat right!).

So join me!  When you go out to eat, order water to drink (save money) and a big, gorgeous salad to eat (do what’s right for your body!).  Let me know how it goes!  Good luck as you make progress toward your healthy goals today.