Holy VitaMeataVegaMin!

Remember that episode of the I Love Lucy show? Lucy was filming a commercial as the spokesperson for this liquid substance that is supposed to contain vitamins, meats, vegetables, and minerals, and the horrible taste was disguised with alcohol. Of course, by the end of the shoot, she was drunk and actually believed the stuff tasted good! See the whole episode on YouTube here.

I’m reading through Dr. Fuhrman’s Eat to Live book, and I’m in the chapter about the naturally occurring cancer-fighting chemicals found in plants. He keeps reiterating the fact that there are many phytochemicals that are still undiscovered.

His point is that you can’t just take a pill to get all the benefits of plant-based food. You have to EAT the plants to get all the benefits, including some that we don’t even know about yet! How can scientists replicate in pill form what nature hasn’t even revealed to us yet?

One other thing I thought was fascinating was that the process of eating our plant-based food causes some phytochemicals to work in tandem with others, giving you even MORE cancer-fighting coverage. Awesome!

If there was a doubt in your mind about taking a supplement, then let this be your catalyst to stop relying on sub-standard methods of getting your phytochemicals. READ HIS BOOK and you will understand why it is SO important to eat your plants – fruits, vegetables, beans, leafy greens, nuts, seeds, and berries. You’ll be so glad you did.

Good luck as you make progress toward your healthy goals today!


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