Want To Boost Self-Esteem After Weight Loss? Sell Your Clothes!


One of the best things about losing weight on the Eat to Live plan is how great I feel. I feel better physically, but I also have a higher level of self-esteem.

One surefire way to boost that self-esteem: SELL YOUR FAT PANTS! Originally, I was going to list them on eBay, on our store’s page, JMS Music (@JMSMusicStore on Twitter), but I actually found a buyer for them before the auctions even began!

I was surprised at how therapeutic it was for me to take pictures of my clothes, write descriptions about them, and determine a value for them as I listed them for sale. I also couldn’t believe that it was not long ago when I remember those buttons being a little snug, or which shirt I had to wear with those pants because they were too tight in the rear end, and etc.

What was REALLY freeing was looking at the tags, listing these size 12 pants, knowing I’ll get to go shopping for SIZE 8 PANTS very soon! FOUR PANTS SIZES. That’s how much girth I’ve lost…and that was BEFORE I got pregnant and had a baby!

Sorry if this sounds like a brag post, but I wanted to share how much my self-esteem has increased through this process. I hope you are or will experience similar things on your journey toward health and wellness.


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