The Shocking Truth About Debt

Remember writing these in English class?

Peanut Butter:Jelly::You:Me

If you were reading aloud, you would say, peanut butter is to jelly as you are to me. The idea is those two things go together. (Try that on your Valentine!) How about this one:


It reads like this: fat is to your body as debt is to your finances.

As you know one of my passions is helping people do physically healthy things. I also want to help people do financially healthy things. You can’t do healthy things with your finances if you are in debt.

Imagine your money as a physical body. You know those people who carry extra weight around their mid-sections? The “spare tire?” The “beer belly?” The “love handles?”

Now imagine the fat around your mid-section is debt. Debt slows you down. Debt hinders you from running. Debt prohibits you from starting that college fund for your child. Debt is harmful to your family because you may be paying off Mastercard before you pay the light bill.

The shocking truth about debt is that debt impedes your progress toward healthy financial goals.

Debt should not be a part of your financial body, just as that extra 20, 30, 40, or 50 pounds should not be a part of your physical body. Give yourself some love this month and pay off that credit card. Gift your future self with an extra $250 by paying off your car now. Let your kids have the gift of a college fund by getting out from under that burden of your own student loans now.

Your financial health is just as important as your mental or physical health. By losing all that financial weight, you can be free to make healthy progress toward your financial goals. Blessings to you on you journey to healthy finances!

What do you owe on?  Take this poll and see what others are saying.  

Want to know more?  Go to Dave Ramsey’s website to get all of his tools to help you get out of debt.


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