How to Go Gluten-Free

As a part-time Eat to Live disciple (part-time as my budget allows! Some months I have to make our meals stretch with pasta or rice…), I have made an effort to eliminate breads from my diet. I quit buying store-bought bread and began making homemade bread for my husband’s lunchtime favorite: PB&J sandwiches. When eating out, I refuse to eat the bread/rolls/fillers before my entree comes. I stopped buying graham crackers and Cheerios for my daughter to snack on.

In preparing a meal for a new mother with a baby who suffers from a terrible acid reflux issue, I just stumbled upon The Gluten-Free Goddess’ blog. It’s filled with TONS of recipes, as well as important details on the GF diet. She also teaches you how to bake with GF products and provides a cheat sheet of GF essentials.

What I loved the most about her site is the link entitled, “How to Go Gluten-Free.” Check it out! It’s filled with great information to help guide you through what can be a very confusing maze. Here’s a link to her blog:

Good luck on your journey to nutritional wellness.



2 thoughts on “How to Go Gluten-Free

    • True…I think you have to keep trying different brands until you find one you like. Or try making your own if you feel adventurous! I have found that I have all but stopped eating pasta in general. Good luck on your journey, and thanks for your comment!

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