Feeling Frazzled? Talk to Yourself

By now, you have probably figured out that life is a balancing act.  We all juggle the responsibilities of being adults, parents, spouses, colleagues, friends, siblings, etc. When I am needed in many different areas, I have discovered the best way for me to stay mentally healthy – balanced, so to speak:  I have a conversation with myself.

I know, it’s weird, right?!  But it’s not the sit-down, dialogue kind of conversation.  It’s just me and my computer, writing in my journal.

Journaling is my time to “catch up” with myself.  We catch up with friends over drinks, we catch up with our mom on the phone once a week, we catch up with our spouse at the end of a busy day, so why don’t we take time to catch up with ourselves?

Writing in my journal helps me voice concerns, doubts, worries, fears, joys, successes, failures, heartaches – in short, all of the emotions that would make me vulnerable if I mentioned them to someone else.

Writing down my thoughts helps me clarify them.

Writing in my journal provides a chance to look over a particular entry with another point of view.

Writing down my thoughts clears them out of my brain, where they take up precious real estate.  After I finish journaling, I usually have much more patience, better problem-solving skills, ability to handle stress, and a general feeling of peace that carries into all the other parts of my life.

So if you are feeling frazzled or pulled in a thousand directions and just can’t seem to stay balanced, try talking to yourself via journaling.  When you finish writing, take time to read what you just said.  Then enjoy the glow of peace that will radiate into all the other aspects of your life.

Good luck as you make progress toward your mental health goals!


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