Battling Dry, Winter Air? Win With These Solutions.

Winter is waging war on my friends and family!  My daughter is sick, my friend has had 3 migraines this past week, and the hygrometer in my husband’s classical guitar case showed the lack of humidity in the air was dangerously low.  All of these things have prompted me to think about ways to win against this dry, winter air.  Here are some solid solutions for you to try:

1. Thank God for water.  Remember there are people in the world who would give anything for unlimited, clean, drinkable water.  This is a first world problem, and we are incredibly blessed.

2. Boil water on the stove while you are in the living area.  It will cover your windows with condensation, but it’s a small price to pay for the water you are putting back into the air.

3. Skip the hair dryer and turn down/off the forced air heater.  We bought this small, kid-friendly, portable infrared heater at Sam’s Club last month, and we use it more than we use the house heater because of the size of our living area.  This heater allows me to turn off the house heater during the day (hey, it saves $, too!).

4. Use your humidifier(s).  Your sinuses will thank you.

5. Stay hydrated and use lotion frequently.  Keep your showers short and cooler than usual.  Drink  4 quarts of water per day, and keep bottles of lotion in strategic locations throughout your house.

Good luck to you as you battle these arid conditions.  #Polar Vortex, #fuhgeddaboudit.


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