The Next Big Change…

The next big change you will notice is the title and tagline of this blog – you’ll see it in the next blog post.

You may have realized the past few months’ blog postings have not been about God blessing me with the time to make homemade dish detergent or the joy of finishing a craft project.  (He is still blessing us more than we could have asked for, don’t get me wrong!)  The past few months’ blog postings have related to health, food, and/or exercise, usually in combination.

These days, while we are still working our way out of debt and eating rice and beans, I would much rather just buy store-bought laundry detergent and save myself the time of making it so that I can fit in a walking session, or go play with my daughter, or work outside in my garden.  While I’d still like to think of myself as “Homemaker Extraordinnaire,” I also realize there are more important things in life worth enjoying right now than breaking your back to save a penny for the future.

Because of God’s rich blessings, I am able to enjoy good health and a knowledge of healthy foods.  Since we naturally write about what we know, I’m changing the focus of this blog to “making progress toward our healthy goals,” and will provide my tips and tricks, as well as successes and failures, to meet my healthy goals of being physically active, eating healthy, and maintaining good mental health.

If you’re excited about this, then I hope you’ll stay with me.  If you want recipes for homemade laundry detergent, there are lots of other places to look, so good luck!

This is the day the Lord has made (Psalm 118:24).  Let’s make progress toward our healthy goals today!



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