World Food Day

Did you know that the average American family throws away a third of the food they brought home from the store, uneaten?

I saw this in the October issue of Real Simple magazine that arrived yesterday. That includes 2.7 million apples and 22,000 pounds of tomatoes in 40 minutes. Yikes, America! I wonder how much money that translates into being thrown away.

So the lesson? Only get what you know you will use in a certain time frame. I know we will eat a bunch of bananas (not a lot, but a “bunch”) within 5 days time. It doesn’t look like much but I would rather go back to the store more frequently than let something sit and rot on my countertop, essentially throwing money into the garbage.

Then, donate your extras to a local food pantry, such as what your church may have set up. October 16 is World Food Day. You know how you throw away half your food at a restaurant (because the portion size was for a family of four, not a single person), and you say something funny, like, “There are starving kids in Africa and here I am throwing all this food away!”? Well, you may not be able to feed starving children in Africa, but teaches you how to feed starving American children.

I hope this helped you think about your food purchasing and consuming choices. Blessings to you today. ~Eph. 3:20-21


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