Annie’s Mac and Cheese Review

I told you a couple of weeks ago we were trying Annie’s Macaroni and Cheese for the first time.  I used to live on the boxed powdered cheese creation from Kraft.  In college, I quickly learned NOT to get the store brand because it didn’t taste right.  I don’t know what Kraft does, but there’s something that makes it stand out from the knock-offs.

Even though my tastes for mac and cheese have grown up (I prefer to buy a big bag of elbow noodles and a box of Velveeta now-a-days…I can’t stand the powdered cheese aftertaste), I was a little bit reluctant to try anything that wasn’t the name brand.  But, after looking at the ingredients list on the box, I decided I did not want all of those un-pronounceable fake food items going into my 9-month-old daughter’s system.  Enter: Annie’s Organic Mac and Cheese products (view their website here).

Here’s what I love about them:

  • I love that you can look at the ingredients list and know exactly what each item is and where it comes from.
  • I love that it’s organic/natural.
  • I love the variety of products they have to choose from.

I did NOT love…the powdered cheese taste.  When it is hot, you can’t really tell any difference between, say, the Kraft product and Annie’s.  But after it cooled off, it was a gelatinous glob of glue that was offensive to my palate.  (It could be the same reason as why I left the powdered cheese kind in the first place.)

Our shells, by the way, were rice shells.  It was a rice pasta.  Again, you couldn’t tell a difference until it cooled off.  Do NOT eat rice shells in powdered cheese cold.  It will make you a Velveeta disciple in no time.

My daughter, though, loved EVERY bite!  As a matter of fact, at dinner the second night, she ate two helpings…and then proceeded to spit up this awful-smelling powdered cheese-flavored mess ALL EVENING.  I gave her 3 baths that day.  Gross.

In short, Annie’s Mac and Cheese is great because it’s organic, and fine as far as powdered cheese goes, but I probably wouldn’t buy it for its taste.  If my child or I were allergic to glutens, I would definitely try all their products!


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