My “Did Do” List From Today

One of the blogs I follow, Rookie Moms, one blog post mentioned writing a “Did Do” list when you start feeling like you aren’t getting anything accomplished.  It’s sort of the opposite of a “To Do” list – you just chronicle all the things you did that day from the moment you woke up.

I love To Do lists.  The thing I love about them the most, though, is CROSSING THINGS OFF THE LIST!  It makes me feel so accomplished!

So, on days like today, when I have lost track of time but know I did something productive today, I like to write down my “Did Do” list.  Now, today is a Saturday, so Baby Girl got to spend some precious time with her grandparents, affording me some extra freedom in my schedule for the day.  I will leave out the obvious daily personal hygiene tasks, but please know I DID brush my teeth this morning!  Here goes – 

  • woke up/heard baby crying – 6:00 a.m.
  • fixed hubby coffee
  • carried golf clubs and coffee out to car for hubby
  • fed baby breakfast
  • gave baby a bath
  • ate breakfast myself
  • washed dishes
  • unloaded dishwasher
  • played with baby
  • put baby down for a nap
  • trimmed fingernails
  • climbed up into the attic
  • located fall decor items
  • retrieved fall decor items
  • set out fall decor 
  • hauled a bag of trash out to the trash trailer
  • labeled my craft area storage organizer (multiple drawers)
  • located wedding reception mix CD
  • listened to wedding reception mix CD
  • reorganized laundry area to access laundry table
  • reorganized the “Random” cabinet
  • compressed 10 small boxes of greeting cards to 2 large boxes
  • changed baby diaper
  • fed baby snack
  • loaded diaper bag
  • took baby to grandparents’ house
  • called my mom
  • swept floors (no carpet in our house anymore)
  • mopped kitchen, dining, and living rooms
  • mopped again
  • fixed hubby lunch
  • fixed myself lunch
  • ate lunch
  • mopped again (it’s a long story…I learned that baking soda doesn’t work on our floors!)
  • sorted laundry into piles
  • started a load of laundry
  • took a nap
  • switched laundry from washer to dryer
  • ate a snack
  • went to grandparents’ to pick up baby
  • watered herbs outside
  • gave outside dog leftovers
  • dumped compost bowl in compost pile
  • started another load of laundry
  • sat down and watched some college football
  • helped hubby clean out car
  • changed baby diaper
  • played with baby/read books with baby
  • fixed dinner
  • ate dinner
  • scrubbed floors on hands and knees (baking soda is not my friend right now…)
  • cleaned back door window so baby could see outside dog and talk to her (it is SO sweet and cute!)Image
  • made Cowboy Caviar bean salsa recipe for lunch tomorrow
  • gave baby medicine
  • brushed baby’s teeth
  • changed diaper and clothes
  • read book to baby
  • put baby down for the night
  • attempted to make refried beans, only to figure out halfway through the processor process that they weren’t soft enough yet
  • poured half-done beans back into the pot 
  • washed food processor parts
  • made banana pudding for lunch tomorrow
  • ate small portion of banana pudding 
  • turned on sprinkler on the front lawn
  • fed/watered both dogs
  • mopped again (I think I got it that time)
  • bandage the blister created from mopping 4 times in one day!
  • folded two loads of laundry sitting on our bed
  • loaded dishwasher
  • washed everything else by hand
  • scrubbed sinks (baking soda and I are friends again)
  • started last load of laundry for the next few days…until I have time to make more laundry detergent
  • put away hang-dry only clothes that were hanging up to dry in the laundry room
  • collected trash from Master Bathroom, baby bedroom, and kitchen
  • deposited trash bag in garage for hubby to deal with later
  • turned off sprinkler
  • finished last load of laundry
  • showered/dried hair
  • collapsed in bed – 10:30 p.m.

Did I mention my parents are coming to visit????

I think the only reason I have enough energy to get all of this done is because of my new food regimen and the Walk at Home workouts I do.  I hope you are seeing some great things happening in your life because of your positive, healthy decisions!  Blessings upon you.  ~Ephesians 3:20-21


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