Back to School Blessing

I was blessed to be in attendance at our congregation’s morning worship service this morning. Our preaching minister delivered another hit of a sermon – but this morning’s message was different.
See, in our state, the public schools start tomorrow morning, so one of our elders prayed for our kids as they return to school to be a light in the darkness and to never forget Whose child they are.
That’s pretty typical. So what made this different?
We prayed for the school teachers, administrators, cafeteria workers, secretaries, etc. and then we prayed for our parents. Our prayer for them was to not stop parenting while their children are in school. It’s not anyone else’s job to teach the hard lessons parents are required to teach sometimes. And who else can help you cope with the stresses and pressures of life outside of your home than your own parents, the ones who battled this world and this life for 20+ years before you were born! Talk about experience! There is no one better qualified than your own parents to raise you. Imagine that?! Just another example of how God’s plan works better than any plan Man came up with.
So I hope you’ll pray the same prayers for the students, school employees, and parents of school children in your life as the new school year gets underway. Blessings and peace to you. -Eph. 3:20-21


One thought on “Back to School Blessing

  1. Such an important trio in a kid’s education: parents/student/teachers. It works so much better when everyone is one the same page! And we all need lots of prayer!!! Thanks!

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