Making Memories

I just heard a spot on the radio advertising Dallas as a great family vacation spot.  The tag line was, “Vacations don’t last, but the memories do,” or something along those lines.  This got me thinking about my own mantra, of late: making memories with my family.

This past weekend, Guitardude, Pride&Joy and I went to our favorite place on Earth: Searcy, AR.  Why Searcy?  Because it is home to our beloved alma mater, Harding University.  Every year on Easter weekend, Harding hosts Spring Sing, a huge production of singing, costumes, jazz band, and “choreography.”  It is usually the highlight of our pilgrimage, but this year, we didn’t even get tickets to the show.

This year’s trip was more a social visit than anything else.  We introduced P&J to our former music professors, we caught up with some former students of ours, and we made time to visit with our friends who live in Searcy.  I think fellowship – camaraderie – is one of the biggest and richest blessings God gives us.

A few weeks ago, Guitardude, P&J and I traveled to my parents’ home to visit with them and my brother’s family.  Usually, we all just sit around and watch tv while the kids play.  This trip, however, I wanted to make memories: I wanted the kids to remember that time we did XYZ activity with Aunt Guitargal and Uncle Guitardude.  So I organized a trip to the movies, which just so happened to be the first time one of my nieces had ever been to a movie theater!  Now she will remember her first trip to the movies was with Aunt Guitargal.

Next trip, we are celebrating our November birthdays in June with a big shrimp boil!  We will make some wonderful memories then, I’m sure!

What do you to do make memories with your loved ones?  Do you snap a picture at every outing?  Do you scrapbook?  Do you visit every theme park in America?  

“Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly more than we could ever ask or imagine, to Him be the glory…” ~Ephesians 3:20-21  


One thought on “Making Memories

  1. Boo on the TV! I keep saying we should have projects ready to work on as a family…seems like you and I are the only ones convinced!

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