My Truths

My ten truths, inspired by this article –

  1. Sometimes I stay in my pajamas until right before my husband gets home from work.
  2. I have one pair of jeans that fits right now (10 wks after delivery).
  3. My 2 month old daughter dresses better than I do.
  4. I warm up my one cup of coffee an average of 4 times every morning.
  5. I am just now getting baby girl’s birth announcements out (lesson learned: don’t use Wal-Mart Photo Center if you want to get them quickly and with good customer service)
  6. It melts my heart when my daughter’s face lights up when she sees me or when she is in a strange environment and spots me.
  7. I am scared to death of raising her in this depressing world.
  8. Even when I am allowed the opportunity to get out of the house, sometimes I’d rather just stay home with baby girl.
  9. I am still working on playing “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring” on the piano (from before Christmas!).
  10. Even if I found a job that I loved that paid me 6 figures, I wouldn’t go back to work.  I love being home with my daughter.Image

One thought on “My Truths

  1. I just discovered your blog, and must say I REALLY identify with #1.ha! We are thrilled that you are able to stay home and raise your baby…and that you WANT to do that.(-: Everyone will be better off because of your decision. Your family is such an inspiration…even to old people like us.

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