What I’ve Learned…So Far

So in the quiet times when Pride&Joy is eating, I find myself lost in thought.  This was one of the paths my mind went down the other day….

Things I’ve Learned from Having a Newborn in the House: My Advice to New Moms

  • Your body can function on much less sleep than you ever imagined.
  • Silence is golden.
  • Accept help whenever possible.
  • Take naps when you can.
  • When it comes to food, the freezer and microwave are your best friends!
  • Housework and cleaning can wait.  A baby grows up too fast to waste time sweeping floors!
  • Pamper yourself, if possible, even if it’s just taking a shower or blow drying your hair (some days, those are luxuries!).  You will feel like a million bucks.
  • Get dressed and put on your tennis shoes.  You will feel better and be more productive than if you sit around in your pajamas and house shoes all day.
  • You need days here and there where you stay in your pajamas and house shoes all day.
  • Make time for your husband.  You wouldn’t be a mama without him!
  • Make lists for when you have rare free time.  It will help you be more focused with what little, precious free time you have.
  • Get your thank you notes written as soon as you can.  Work on them little by little.
  • Whenever we get out of debt and money is no longer an issue, I want to schedule a maid service for any new mothers in my life!

Now I know all of you have ideas of your own from your own experiences…let’s hear them!


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