Resolved Not to Resolve

I hate New Year’s Resolutions.  They’re so official and so final, which makes me feel guilty if I fall short in accomplishing them.  Besides, they’re always the same: eat better, exercise more, read the Bible through in one year.  I hate it when I forget a day or drink a Coke without thinking about it or stuff my face with fried chicken because I think, “Oh well, I just messed up.  I might as well give up for the rest of the year!”

So what I’ve tried doing the past couple of years is more like a New Year’s Gradual Change Plan.  If my goal is to eat better, I’m not going to feel bad about one Coke every now and then if I was drinking two a day; an occasional soft drink is better than the frequency at which I was consuming them.  So my goal is not to cut out Cokes entirely, but just to gradually eliminate them from my diet until I don’t even want them any more.

This year’s goal?  To read and write more often.  No, I’m not going to say one book per month (I did that last year and ended up reading a total of 36!), but just that I would like to read more books than I am currently.  We listen to Dave Ramsey’s talk radio show, and often he talks about how he requires new employees to read a certain book list and then an additional one non-fiction book per month.  When you read often, your mind is stretched and your vocabulary is expanded.  Your level of knowledge increases on many topics, and you often find yourself expressing your own opinions about the book or the issue you just read about.

I’ve also discovered that when I read books, I have an increased desire to write…journal, blog, whatever.  When P&J was born, there were many events in the first week of her life that I did not want to forget, so I started writing about them.  I typed it all up into a Word document…12 pages later, I was finished!  It’s amazing what your mind can do when you exercise it a little bit!

So I’ve told you what I’m going to do more of this year.  What’s your New Year’s Gradual Change Plan?

May the God of this Earth bless you exceedingly abundantly more than you could have ever asked or imagined.


One thought on “Resolved Not to Resolve

  1. I’ve gone through stages with New Year’s Resolutions. There was a time I hated them, too. But I’ve discovered that the New Year really is a great time to start over with some things. It’s followed by a month of indulgence and crazy out of whack schedules. So, setting up some new routines seems to be a great way to get out of the holiday funk. I also realized a few years ago that I can make goals at the beginning of the year – big plans and schemes – but I don’t HAVE to accomplish them, and I don’t HAVE to start it all at once. So now, I make a whole slew of goals, and I start chiseling away at them. I have all year to get to them, and I don’t have to meet all of them. But not setting goals leaves me without focus. Plus, if I don’t meet the goals, I can reassess for the next year. No big deal. Good thoughts, friend.

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